Yes, I’ve heard of other highly successful sites, not spam at all, getting “punished” for their dependence on an internet driven by advertising, a pervasive problem. You become the slave of soulless algorithms with no conscience nor even a brain. And yet they’ll tell others what’s “inorganic” proving the A in AI stands for Arrogant.

I hope you’ll gain sponsors (advertisers) who boast they don’t go through Google when paying for these ads at your site (you’re not bound to Google exclusively are you?).

I bet you’d get competing ad revenue from companies eager to show they’re not beholden to tech giant business models. That’s the new cool. You can brag to your friends when that book wasn’t purchased through Amazon.

I’ve been using Google’s blogger for years, but I keep both comments and ad-related infrastructure turned off, except on one of them. I’ll promote brands myself, but I don’t accept a dime from Google for doing so. But that’s of little help to a great company such as yours, which thought maybe highly paid engineers could be trusted to admit their mistakes. That’s not always practical, for them.

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