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The WGM is a meme going way back for me. You’ll find it in my Quaker journals aka blogs (comments turned off, I didn’t buy into that feature). In some ways, my vision of the WGM is shaped by the hours and days spent in Germany, looking at Nazi propaganda behind glass. I learned that one memorializes and exhibits an age, by sharing its official publications.

Glass cases in the WGM are full of textbooks aimed at grade schoolers, that make no mention whatsoever of our option to recalibrate and introduce a more whole numbered space-fitting “ruler”, one with a tetrahedron centered within the cube. The ethnicity I was affiliated with, as a Princeton philosophy department undergrad, turned out to include New England Transcendentalism in its late 20th Century form: the Synergetics of one Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the World Game meme (and the Spaceship Earth meme).

Our fond hope, not unlike that of any tribe hoping to pass a torch to coming generations, was that in America, the land of freedom and opportunity, we could find some tiny patch in some text book that would pass on this heritage, that of a tetra-volume calibrated concentric hierarchy.

Given the Church of Conditioned Reflexes has such power over a much weaker gravitational force, that of the human mind in its ongoing gradient descent towards minimal error, I wasn’t surprised to find the zombie robots behind textbook writing could not see their way clear to deviating from centuries of momentum. That’s why the WGM will prove so instructive, as a lot of big names will be showcased in our exhibits.

Synergetics reserves the keyword “mind” for “that which struggles against automaticity” (not unlike P.D. Ouspensky’s model). Our “robot side” or “autopilot” will result in a steady (in the sense of inevitable), cumulative drift away from appropriate reactions, unless continuously countered by a countering intelligence, that of “intuition” or of mind. Of course most literature conflates “mind” and “brain” thereby wasting an opportunity to provide a different spin (meaning) to completely distinct English words. Synergetics does not make that dumbing down mistake, with proved results.

The World Game Museum is therefore a museum about psychology, and the tendency of human beings to cling to past patterns at the cost of their own integrity. Trusting intuition is considered too risky, but the alternative, of running with the herd, comes with its own set of dangers. We’re seeing where groupthink leads in the news today, as people treat chemical weapon stockpiles in a cavalier manner, versus destroying them safely, the sane approach, as carried out in Umatilla (a former stockpiling depot in Oregon).

The toxic mathematics textbooks, no better than poison from a psychological angle, like the Nazi stuff, will be on display. We may do this virtually, through websites, and not bother with a brick and mortar building. The goal is to help readers understand the patterns and signs that would lead us to classify a book by Pearson, or McGraw-Hill, as inimical to children, designed to render them more helpless and exploitable than they already are. We’ll be sharing what to watch out for, when it comes to abuse. Don’t let the bullies win. That’s the message. Remain vigilant.

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