When DC and a couple friends staged a cruise missile strike, the one NBC thought was beautiful, in retaliation for the false flag White Helmets ruse “chemical weapons attack” in Douma, many USA TV viewers were disappointed, because a full scale WW3 didn’t break out. They had their popcorn ready, and were hoping for a spectacle. They enjoyed the trashing of Iraq, and Syria is just another Iraq to them, as are Iran and Libya (oh yeah, and Afghanistan). America is the number one superpower, and Russia has been crushed and needs to be taught a lasting lesson.

This is not at all the way I personally think. I barely watch any TV. But I read tweets and study social media. A lot of Americans are about thirteen years old, mentally, having absorbed from TV a reality that has nothing to do with reality. Many such adolescents are serving in Congress, others in the military.

Part of that made-for-TV reality is that Russia should be groveling in the dirt, as the loser, but has instead been wily and tricky, in meddling with the election instead. They got someone who won’t give the viewer-voyeurs their cathartic war and its flattening of all enemies. This is frustrating. So many people need to be punished. It’s time for the End Times.

Perhaps the time has come to prove America’s might in other ways, is the new thinking, as attention returns to the Western Hemisphere. Russia and China were planning to trade with a free Venezuela. Brazil was part of BRICS. The new plan is to turn back the clock in Latin America and be more like Reagan. Whenever conservatives are unsure what to do, they try to be more like Reagan. Not Nixon. Nixon was the one who loved covert ops though, and helped organize the Cuban counter-revolution. But those stories are for another time.

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