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You’re likely thinking, given the title, that you’re in for some science fiction, and I’d say you’re right. However the fiction component, relative to the science component, will be low.

“Computer” is a concept, one of “putting together” (“com put”), and so stands opposite “taking apart”. One puts two and two together to solve a problem. Computation is a means to an end.

As We May Think, by Dr. Vannevar Bush, anticipated search engines in 1945. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, by Buckminster Fuller, anticipated spatial data management in 1975.

Neither was working from scratch. The MEMEX drew on existing principles, whereas the Romans already practiced the memetic arts, not just to store knowledge, but to make it, by alchemical means, into new wealth.

When Buckminster Fuller writes that he expects big business to veer away from its self destructive course, because persuaded by the computer it trusts, he’s talking about the integrated holo-circuitry of the biosphere.

The tugs and pushes we sense in our gut (Gibbsian), are connected to what we see on the screens (Eulerian), which screens are in turn powered by immense numbers of transistors. Transistors, meet guts. Guts, meet transistors.

Silicon and cellular materials interface seamlessly through these bonds. The so-called Singularity is the imagined mind meld that’s already going on, projected forward as a vortex, and around some Omega. That’s Teilhard de Chardin. He saw it coming too.

Humanity is providing Earth with a kind of cranial layer, connected by undersea cable, microwave tower, and satellite. With enough parallel processing, and righteous concepts (some sinister), we’ll develop direct perceptions of the errors of our ways.

We instinctively stop when our intuition has grown strong enough. A sense of smell. A sense of taste. We’re enlightened by the stink. That’s more computation, in the sense of molecular interaction. With the thinking power we have today, and connectivity, we’re ready to wake up to our next dream.

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