Per the Fox narrative, the deep state was circling the wagons against Trump from the start, meaning the FBI was nervous the maga hats would come out from under too many rocks on election night and sweep into power a Great Unknown. Their job is to protect against external threats, the way they see it. Dennis Kucinich came on Youtube saying it’s dangerous to have a deep state calling the shots, but he’s like another Ron Paul. Everyone laughs him off.

With Hillary in the Oval Office a near certainty per the polls, everyone in the coziest offices had worked out their next four years, golfing vacations already planned and everything. It’d be like a 3rd term of Obama.

That led to a dip in turnout I’m thinking (complacency a huge factor, long lines a deterrent), plus the maga hats were riled and sure they had a magic bullet. They’d seen that in the primaries. They had the “big mo” (momentum) plus the pendulum: after 8 years of blue, you’d expect a red. It’s one of those rules of thumb. Especially when the prez had been a black muslim from a former slave colony (I know, all wrong, but Lower48 is pure tabloid, more like church).

Typical of DC intel, it went on bended knee to the Brits for real juice. With both WMDgate and Russiagate, it went back to some “British intelligence”, some “dossier”. Bogus in both cases (plus I don’t believe their “dossier” on the Skripal case either). MI6 is not what it used to be, ever since 007 left, but yeah, it probably does better dossiers than the stateside el deepos.

The maga hats are promising to turn tables real soon now, and turn the bright lights of the investigation on the illegally obtained FISA warrants etc. They’ve been promising that for awhile. My popcorn is getting cold. Wake me up when the show starts.

I think the problem is no one inner circle benefits with a narrative that goes through England so much, with Russia a distant second fiddle. No one wants to offend the Brits in its sensitive brexit time. They’re special partners in arms in this neo-colonial land grabby chapter (we’re meant to love BP again).

If MSM does the bidding of the maga hats, we might start talking about Cambridge Analytica all over again, in addition to the other UK companies that got involved, and their meddling through Facebook. Who benefits? The FBI colludes with Brits, it doesn’t investigate them, c’mon! It’s the Russians we love to hate. Remember which one we’ve had wars with! No wait, scratch that.

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