Scribbled Political Notes

More political analysis. Vis-a-vis Neera Tanden, I’m seeing a lot of sharp lines separating what I call NPR Liberals (includes Clintonistas), and ex Air America Radio Lefties (Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader), a lot of ’em on RT nowadays (even Larry King ended up there, bless his heart).

Different places on the radio dial.

NPR Liberals aren’t about to stand up to their pet Biden Administration on matters of foreign policy, because hey, Daddy CIA (British accent) is protecting us from Evil Russia and we all like to sound intelligent, as in “intelligence community”.

Questioning Empire is just too exhausting and you either end up sounding dumb, or as if you know better than your coworkers (sounding uppity).

The challenge in government is to get the right face or faces (a cosmetic exercise). Thomas the Tank Engine. These days the TV faces need to look “diverse” even if they run mostly the same programming.

Per Corporate Textbooks, if you have the right mix of skin tones and physical features, you pass the test. You look like a Sears Catalog.

Then I think of a more Libertarian mindset typified by Penn, of Penn and Teller fame, more senior and wizened than your average suburban soccer mom or bicycle tarzan, i.e. more like me in some ways, a Subgenius i.e. less than (<) Genius.

We tend to mock what goes on in the political arena. There’s a standoffish aloofness, attractive to stoics.

Here’s where we fade over to a political right, where the likewise alienated retreat from center stage to the back seats and grand overview (Jorjani, Ayn Rand, conservative Brits, many academics).

Speaking of grand overview, I’ve been pigging out on Adam Curtis documentaries again. Check my Youtube channel from around this time.

Lots online.