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Omnitriangulating from the Pacific Rim

Kirby Urner
6 min readNov 8, 2022


Those tracking M4W will see some CSN stuff, a branch in Philosophy featuring a network of science fiction based coffee shops, engaged in experimental synergies of accelerated learning, and charitable giving.

Backing BFI’s web page on Synergetics with one of my URLs has been a YouTube theme, and putting me under the gun in my own mind to further fine tune what I mean by Martian Math. What I don’t mean is: seeking end-of-the-rainbow pots of free zero point energy, put there by UFOs.

The Synergetics Dictionary nowhere mentions UFOs.

The reason I bring this up at all is Foster Gamble, another Princeton alum, and with the Proctor-Gamble fortune to help with computer graphics, or maybe fan donations by this point, has done some good work popularizing the fact that Bucky Fuller was much more than an award-winning architect with a funny voice.

Bucky gets to be the King of Far Out Physics (for some), not a crown he much relished, given his focus was more the mainstream, ala Nature magazine, MIT Technology Review and like that. Tetravolumes don’t really need a basis in speculative TOEs or GUTs. The tetrahedron is self-booting.

Over on FSI, we’re checking out Joe Clinton’s stuff, which overlaps the tetrahelix and Moire Patterns foci, additional scenarios FSI is exploring. For example, Joe shows the Cubocta-to-Octa jitterbug transform operating along both left and right handed paths simultaneously, meaning the triangular facets all double and get into Moire relationships with themselves, as the figure twists down from volume 20 to volume 4, then back out again.

Joe uses POV-Ray among other tools, which is exciting to a high school teacher sharing the same skills, with free Python code (povray.org provides the free ray tracer). [1]

Per the Remoteness of the Synergetics vocabulary, Bucky probably got more from Margaret Fuller and the transcendentalists than we know, even if he says somewhere that was his focus at Harvard: the humanities. He’d already had it with obfuscated derivative Greek metaphysicians, the so-called math teachers, with their “three dee” then going on “four dee” and beyond.



Kirby Urner