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In my view Persia intends to keep having nuclear power (a done deal), which will feed into the same grid that powers the rest of Mesopotamia, on up through Turkey etc. as HVDC expands.

Tehran also has ambitions to be a source of nuclear fuel, exotic medical isotopes and so on. I support this ambition and encourage continued cooperation with the global medical business community on achieving these goals, circumventing sanctions to whatever extent feasible. Lots of Iranians here in Oregon, welcome to stay.

Iran does not want nuke weapons, says it doesn’t (has a Fatwah against them) and agrees to be closely inspected (certified clean) to prove it’s not working on them, because this way it has moral high ground against the loser nuke heads and their great satan bullying ways. Having a nuke would put a target on its back and justify that Israeli strike. In the meantime, it’s fun just razzing Israel for being another loser nukehead, a disgrace to whatever religion it pretends to espouse.

So much easier to not put your entire foreign policy on a hypocritical basis, where you say one thing, but secretly do something else. That’s what the infidels do. Iranians have less cognitive dissonance. They’re strong in science and nuclear power is not, never was, the right of the US to arbitrate (as it is, the Eisenhower administration gave Iran its first baby nuke plant, more like the one we have at Reed College down the street).

What Iranians fantasize about is the day when the nuke stockpiles are fully criminalized (that day is here according to many) and they’ll be joining the international teams of inspectors authorized to break down the doors of any corporations that harbor Dr. Evil types (psychopaths, bad physicists…) and try to keep WMDs for their private use. The world will be supportive of this hunting down of those Dr. Evil types. Great way to be a hero. You can get a PhD in it.

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