Regarding Free College & Health Care

I’ve already stated my view on free college: lets make it free high school, for life, meaning there’s a work-study safety net when you need it, and you might not be getting the college level version every time.

College level might cost extra, depending on circumstances, or be more discretionary, in terms of how colleges and universities want to allocate their scholarship funds. High school should be enough for many jobs (or “roles” as we might call them, as in theater).

Regarding health care, there’s a lot more training and education we could gain, from free high school, that would make us more like doctors, but licensed to practice only on ourselves.

A lot of our health care, in terms of diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, is up to us.

We might get free monitoring devices.

Keeping track of your vitals is more a no-brainer. In high school, we learn how to interpret the information.

Of course even fully qualified medical doctors don’t get to practice on themselves in all situations, and wouldn’t want to, outside their own specialty. It’s not like doctors can perform surgery on themselves (although that’s been done).

But still, we need a shift in the culture, wherein more people see themselves as their own physician, with others, peers, in a consulting capacity.

Those “other doctors” get lower malpractice rates maybe. That was your job to schedule the wellness checkup (with any number of apps to remind your ass).

If you bungle your own care, you might not live as long. So sue yourself?

I realize I’m barely talking about policy, when I talk of a psychological shift.

Letting people write more prescriptions for themselves might sound like a recipe for disaster, but remember we have ML (AI) looking over our shoulders.

Why did you need all that oxy again? HAL wants to know. Maybe you had a good reason?

A lot of treatments are more affordable with scale. Whole camps devoted to detoxification, with live-in facilities and multi-week stay times, might be FEMA’s best answer to the opiate crisis.

I know we’re all afraid of “FEMA camps” and what those might mean.

Is it time to face our fears? Perhaps Americans are indeed capable of acting caringly towards one another after all. Shall we give them a chance to try? Train to help drug abuse victims? Consider it national service?

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