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Recapping My Trajectory

Internal Memo: M4W

Kirby Urner
4 min readApr 17, 2024


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Recapping my recent trajectory through this space:

I was in the Sociology Study Group when Aslam went off to defend his thesis, us wishing him well.

That group is likely to come back at some point, is my current understanding.

I’ve joined two other groups since then, and I recommend the group experience. That’s what I say to those checking out “Friends” (less informal than “Quakers”): you don’t get all the benefits of the practice unless you practice its group dynamics, which in the Q namespace is all about committees (property, oversight [1], peace & social concerns, nominating, social, clerk support, and subcommittees of those).

I bring up all that jargon because I think Andrius gets the benefit of what Quakers would call a “clearness committee” which, longer term, is considered a “support committee”. If other Friends come lurking, feel free to comment on whether you think I got it right.

I just penned (“”) an evocative blog post picturing the kind of Sociology I’m studying: