Lets say we have a database of eight billion humans, not that many records as databases go.

Then we have a list of nation states which offer “citizenship” to a subset of those billions.

Since people are allowed dual citizenship (I’m not sure how high that number goes — who holds the record for “nations joined”?) we have a many-to-many relationship between people and nations through a “citizens” table. Nations “have” people and people “have” nations.

Where you live, if you have one place of residence (an address) and where you are right now physically on the globe (lat / long) are additional concepts. Citizenship and geographic location are themselves separate concepts. Many citizens do not live in the same nation they’re citizens of. Lots of US military in Okinawa, Cuba, Philippines and elsewhere.

Might I start a nation (with friends) that has only scattered disconnected facilities, like a corporation, yet which offered citizenship to millions if not billions?

You may become a citizen of my nation without changing your residence or current XYZ location. There may be other tests. Virtual nations might pop up by the thousands. We already have Diaspora Nations, as I call them. Tibet for example.

I’d say this is already an accurate picture of the status quo, if you remember that corporations are virtual nations under the radar of the UN. The UN gets a cross section of nations, the ones that certified with the various European empires in the colonial period and then broke free.

The US was one of those, breaking free of England and purchasing much of its land from Napoleon. Doctrine of Discovery plays into it. Other nations don’t get recognized and are forced “underground” as we call it. Some religions have this flavor. Quaker Nation. Has a ring to it.

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