Python logo: 40 x 40 nanometer metallic etching

Python: Another Portal to Synergetics

Kirby Urner
4 min readJun 5, 2024

The fact about Python is that, no matter what other computer languages you might have learned, or none at all, Python comes across as intelligible, no surprises.

It makes you feel smarter, not stupider, like Haskell or BQN might. Or Hoon.

As a result, pros in many walks of life, from Natural Language Processing, to animation, to process monitoring and orchestration, to web development… all these areas of already high interest, implemented in LISP, Java, Perl and whatnot, got ported to Python.

The trend is self feeding, like a black hole, provided the language is good enough to withstand the pressures of so many working environments.

Python 2 wasn’t quite good enough. So far, Python 3 is holding up, thanks to Guido’s leadership. Many counseled against making a backward-incompatible 2-to-3 jump, but Guido, Python’s inventor and exBDFL, stood his ground and has been proven correct in hindsight.

Synergetics is proving another case in point. The pros who know the hard core have always been into the number crunching aspects, such as are involved with the Jitterbug Transformation especially, the signature dynamic within our Concentric (or Cosmic) Hierarchy, our maze of nested polyhedrons. Now we have Blender to work with.