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The dark underbelly of elections… my party line is if Americans were sincere about wanting high quality voting technology, they’d learn to vote often in high school, for Miss Geometry or whatever, using open architecture machines with open source crypto, the same ones used in public.

Could be there’s a smartphone API, as time goes on. Of course there is, for all those government issue phones (GI phones), stocked with government issue apps for working with government bureaucracies.

Try to hack the school machines, rig the election. Get famous. Cyber-security is about self testing. Give the whiz kids a crack at it.

The illiterate public still thinks the source code has to be secret to assure integrity and the voting machine companies capitalize on that ignorance.

They’re learning the opposite from cryptocurrencies.

If you can do money online securely, you can vote. It’s just purging all the “fixers” has never been practical. Crime bosses rule the world, still, as criminals have all the best lawyers.

In my view, to have truly bullet proof voting systems, you would need to upgrade the average level of citizen sophistication, making Voting Tech more of a hobby for more people. That’s doable with the right PR. We’re all much more literate, on average, than people even three generations ago, let alone before that.

Lets get enthusiastic about voting again, for lots of stuff (be imaginative). Don’t let people game the system (an ongoing challenge, as they always find a way).

But to get there, we’d have to insist any public sector government spending on voting by means of software, results in software that’s open source and free to fork and repurpose.

We’d need a real civics curriculum. The status quo is we don’t have a real public sector anymore, only posing imposters. That’s my Pirate Party USA talking.

To cement an election, one needs a believable narrative about who shifted from last time and why. The established story is this was a referendum on the president’s handling of covid and minus that little wrinkle, he was strong and would have won.

That Trump was undermined every step of the way by a Deep State or Swamp State is also hardcoded history by now.

I’m fine with continuing to cast doubt on the integrity of the voting infrastructure, as waiting hours and hours is unwanted melodrama and is proof the public sector is starving.

Since Reagan, government has been the enemy. I say the GRUNCH won, but that’s esoteric jargon from a Robert Anton Wilson encyclopedia, so I end up spouting nonsense, sigh.

I should add that early goodness for Trump followed by creeping Joe numbers, overtaking in the final lap, was mapped out in the media ahead of time as likely, and the explanation was a good one: Dems scared of covid voted early absentee and this category is counted behind same day in person ballots in most states.

MAGA party voted in person, giving that initial boost. The Covid Count proved a veritable tsunami. Trump’s “get over it, blame Fauci for the bogus lockdown” message was a gamble. Dems fancy themselves on believing in science and demonize the MAGA party as science deniers. The outcome makes sense.

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