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Pirate Party Planks:

* copyleft > copyright
* ethnicities are not races
* Gov’t runs some businesses to showcase its values
* special public schools focus on training for work in govt
* some pubic schools are residential, some are same sex
* Tulsi Gabbard’s reprimand of Trump > impeachment verbiage
* Russia is not an enemy
* China either
* protect electoral infrastructure
* until elections are more trusted, no party has a mandate

Pirate Party USA: no candidates, only planks, feel free to steal

Regarding “ethnicities are not races”:

I can easily imagine a time when inquiries about a person’s race are considered a reflection of one’s dated thinking style, ergo crude to the point of rude,

Fluency around specific genes, as well physical attributes (skin hue), continues increasing, thanks in large degree to the spread of graphics arts and color theory (RGB, CYMK…).

The split between genes (hardware) and memes (software) might connect ethnicity with memes, physical attributes with genes, while “race” falls through the cracks as a failed mishmash of associations that reached an apex of influence in the 1900s (eugenics, dreams of a “super race”).

We think easily in terms of potentially thousands of ethnicities, without necessarily naming that many. Every city has its own ethnic character. Ethnicity has to do with language and family structures, institutions, geography and so on. So many permutations, so much history.

Whereas a chief problem with races is there were never enough of them and the list kept changing, yet they wanted few enough to handle with checkboxes.

I think the book of Genesis was a big influence in that lots of children’s books associated “the races” with the named and very finite immediate offspring of Noah.

I’m not arguing against the power of such stories (quite the contrary). I think the Book of Genesis will outlive “races” as the latter is increasingly seen as more of that Tower of Babel nonsense, i.e. as a product of confused thinking. We’re already to that stage on some floors (levels).

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