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Asylum District, Portland, Oregon

On Virtual Nations in Cyberia

Now that we have the global corporation as a model, there’s nothing to stop us from gutting it of the old Delaware Code (an Inc. in America, free to plunder) and stuffing it with 21st Century code, expressing some different values, but still rewarding to investor-participants and able to pay its own way in the world.

Think of it as a teaching hospital, with facilities scattered about, many in remote locations. You act and feel like a citizen and are loyal. You follow its codes of conduct. It has no military. It has no borders. This is the shape of virtual nations to come, in my science fiction (which I consider weirdly anticipatory — it has worked for me to date).

The proposed model is not that different from religious sects or cults really i.e. I’m not proposing a radical departure, but more of the same.

A religious facility may typically produce chocolate or wine, or write software or do scholarship, make polyhedrons (Magnus Wenninger), stained glass, candy, offering these goods and services in exchange for others (just a visit might be nice); one of the oldest Systems (patterns) on the books. I’m thinking of Sufis now.

Given all the humans falling through the cracks of the nation state system, there’s no shortage of global university students in need of some sort of documentation.

Where does one get in the database, to get in line for campus services? Some sort of Covid vaccine? I’d advocate for those without nations, putting them first in line why not? Not as guinea pigs, but as people more likely to get sick, because discriminated against, and for consequent lack of access to humane services.

We could at least confer some primitive form of citizenship on anyone currently stateless, with the promise that we’re advocating for their human rights under the UN Declaration of Same etc.

As our global virtual nation corporation gets stronger, they’ll get more of a collective voice. We’ll have an advertising budget. We’ll do data science. We’ll help rewrite the rules, again and again as necessary.

Ideally we give everyone who needs one at least a cell phone with a few apps for getting into various beneficial programs… what the US could and would be doing (if it still existed). Next comes useful education ala the BBC and so on.

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