More Thoughts on Ayn Rand

I didn’t realize to what extent Ayn laid the foundation for our elite professional mercenary system. On Johnny Carson:

argues against involuntary military service

I haven’t seen enough text connecting Objectivism to Egoism. In my experience even the college educated usually have no background in Egoism ala Max Stirner. Advanced stuff is for autodidacts only.

My channel has been exploring Emersonian Individualism, which even mainstream mediocre texts accept as intrinsic to the American conception of Democracy.

So how shall we relate Individualism to Ayn Rand’s type of thing? Not saying I have the answers. Check back with me later.


A focus on an atomic self with individual rights and privileges at the individual human level, is not the same as a focus on Pharaoh with a cast of extras.

Ayn is saying no human should have to involuntarily self sacrifice for the sake of some other human. I’d say a lot of us just take that for granted, as a starting point, forgetting it took centuries if not millennia to get here.

Humans have mostly lived under overlords and their reflexes run accordingly. Letting each human have a private ego (a conscience, a moral compass) was revolutionary in its day.

Some of the differences among these Philosophies of Selfhood come out in attitudes towards nature I’m thinking.

Probably the Ayn Rand types are more worshipful of “man” i.e. humankind, whereas the Transcendentalists (Emersonians) — inheriting from the Romantics (doesn’t mean lovey dovey, more goth, think Lovecraft and Poe even) — worship Nature in a way that more effectively counters hubris.

That’s an hypothesis, a hunch.

You can see in Buckminster Fuller’s latter day transcendentalist writings, how nature worship takes him to “high technology” as something not human, in the sense of something we could ourselves design through a process of ratiocination.

Quoting Bucky as quoted by Wikipedia (quoting Synergetics):

“In its complexities of design integrity, the Universe is technology. The technology evolved by man is thus far amateurish compared to the elegance of nonhumanly contrived regeneration. Man does not spontaneously recognize technology other than his own, so he speaks of the rest as something he ignorantly calls nature.”

As walking, talking, skeletal muscle machines, we’re embedded in nature’s high tech (motherboard), not our own — i.e. we only pretend we’re “getting really close” (e.g. to “real AI” (oxymoron)) to remaking ourselves with science (technology we fully understand).

We make these claims, but in the context of (often very thought provoking) science fiction only.

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