Memo to Freedom Lovers

Kirby Urner
3 min readFeb 26

One aspect of democracy is we the people are given a lot of leeway in terms of what we’re allowed to say publicly. We even get to contradict “officials” as the theory says they (the officials) ultimately work for us. That’s democracy on paper of course. Few people actually exercise their rights.

A case in point: people are claiming the USA had something to do with the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. On the face of it, this seems obvious (yes I read Seymour Hersh’s article).

But why should a tiny cabal who thinks they run the world from Washington DC, be allowed to act or speak for the USA as if they’re the sole proprietors and the rest of us are out in the cold?

In my view, the USA had nothing to do with that act of terrorism, period. It’s my right to make that claim.

But what if various US citizens conspired in various rooms in the West Wing or elsewhere to coordinate this attack? We will think of them as attacking the USA.

These were traitors or at best misled crazy people who believed they were appointed to play gods. They weakened the USA with their irresponsible acts.

Nine-Eleven was not an “inside job” either, by the same reasoning. No matter who has what job title on paper, if they colluded in any way to perpetrate those heinous acts, they were not “insiders” but “outsiders”. By definition. That’s just how it works.

We don’t have to allow the USA to share in their guilt, whoever they were. That’s especially true if Uncle Sam (the US) actually died in darkness in the 1980s, as some now claim that he (it) did, but that’s for another memo.

The USA should be going after the perpetrators of the Nord Stream sabotage. We the people of the USA want to be friends with the Germans and the Russians in the future (and the Chinese) and we have no interest in pegging our fate to the rogue acts of deluded and stupid free agents, acting outside the framework of the Constitution.

Remember Oliver North? He took matters into his own hands in ways that severely damaged democracy. Some say the USA itself did not survive the 1980s, including a Medal of Freedom winner.

Ultimately Ollie was given a pardon. We’re not yet ready to give out any pardons in this case. We’re still digging into who the perps were.

The USA is still working to uncover its new enemies.

Whoever blew up Nord Stream is an avowed enemy of the USA and the USA disavows any responsibility or guilt for this action.

That’s what we the people are saying, in a democracy.

I realize this sounds like science fiction, as such a democracy we maybe do not have. But it’s worth speaking up anyway, in defense of our civil liberties and as an exercise of our right to protect the USA from its would be destroyers.

You can call me a patriot.

Kirby Urner