by David Koski

Memo: regarding |truth|

Kirby Urner


(from the M4W listserv — typos fixed)

I decided |truth| looked like a mathy way to signify “absolute truth”, based on how we say “|v|” for “absolute” value of v.

My investigation is into a context for |truth| (cite Jon), beginning with: what is the language this |truth| is couched in?

To what extent are maths “a partially overlapping set of languages”?

Mathematicians collaborate in the direction of mutual intelligibility and so forge a common vocabulary and shared treasure chest of proved results, algorithms and so on. Such collaboration results in a common language but only to some extent i.e. within limits.

Mathematicians are not guaranteed to grasp a mathematics they’ve not yet been schooled in. Maths are not “self evident” communications. Not by a long shot. Some maths take many years to decipher completely. Consider lambda calculus and/or Clifford algebra.

Might another word for context (language) be “ethnicity”?

I bring in this key term from anthropology in a way consistent with a mnemonic: my intersection of PATH (philo, anthro, theater, history) with STEAM i.e. STEM + Anthro (some say the “A is for Art”, but I say “Art is subsumed within Anthro”).