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Memo: Pro Climate Change

Kirby Urner
1 min readMar 28


(adapted from the listserv-published original, members-only archive)

I’m very much in favor of climate change.

Cleaning up the rivers, more strictly limiting harmful emissions, taking Franken-foods more seriously as health threats, stopping environmentally disastrous wars …

(shame on those Brits again: first BP damages the Gulf of Mexico in ways we won’t fully understand for decades, and now the UK promises to dust the world’s grain growing heartland with DU)

… all these human activities would mean drastic changes to the climate — for the better.

Leaving the climate the way it is would be horrific. I hope we don’t. Human caused climate change is essential for ongoing planetary livability.

Yes, my rhetoric is a tad tongue in cheek. I know when people say “climate change” it’s code for “in a negative direction”. That’s why they’re “against” it.

But I think the term “climate change” failed to distill the issue to its essence, such that those saying they’re “against climate change” come off sounding silly, vapid, insipid.

Humans have already changed the biosphere hugely and will continue to change it, no matter what they do or don’t do. We should accept responsibility, which means not indulging in blame games.



Kirby Urner