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Memo: Math for Wisdom

Kirby Urner


From: kirby urner <kirby.urner@xxxxxxxxx>
To: math4wisdom@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 12:33:11 -0800

Math for Wisdom

Thank you Andrius for sharing your “for wisdom” questionnaire. During our last Zoom call together I mentioned seeing you as like an air traffic controller. We’re all these airplanes on your radar, with various vectors, and you’re showing you have the wherewithal to track even more.

Even without being a grandmaster of Wondrous Wisdom myself, I’m able to make some use of it through you i.e. you bring your organizing and synthesizing skills to the table, a major asset.

Per Christer, there’s a lot of networking taking place around this word “wisdom” and your M4W is auspicious, in terms of serving as a beacon I’m hoping my peripheral operations help point people back to the “mothership” as it were, in terms of where I’m drawing some of my inspiration and understanding regarding “cognitive frameworks” more generally (Wondrous Wisdom a stellar example).

Two major areas of overlap have been:

* combinations and permutations (Pascal’s triangle)
* data structures and “cheat sheets” (lists, trees, networks)

Curriculum Development

Some say “time is an illusion” but even so, it’s a great one for assigning
a temporal order to everything historical, and then developing conceptual trees (outlines, nested file systems) and networks (graphs, polyhedrons, globes) from this initially linear order. I’ve been doing that with Napoleon lately (a new movie is coming out next week on the guy). [1]

Here’s a broad brush stroke timeline, with events that I talk about:

USA Revolution (1765–1783)
French Revolution (1789–1798)
Napoleonic Period (1789–1815)
Revolutions in Europe (1700s — 1800s) [2]
Revolutions of 1848 (1848–1849) [3]
US Civil War (1861–1865)
Formation of Cascadia (Russian settlers, Sam Hill (1857–1931))
US Prohibition (1920–1933)