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Memo: Globalism vs Nationalism

Kirby Urner
6 min readMar 6, 2023


[from the math4wisdom listserv, some typos corrected]

Andrius: Kirby, Thank you for your letter!

Kirby: And thank you as well.

There’s a quasi-polarized debate that simmers on the back burner, sometimes front burner, featuring “globalism versus nationalism”.

In conjuring images of EPCOT (Disney theme park in Orlando) I was suggesting these two isms need not be opposed to one another. I think to steer a nation (a “ship of state”) wisely through complex waters, one needs to think globally. “Think globally, act locally” is how the phrase goes. Some thinkers, like Wendell Berry, think “thinking globally” is an illusion. That’s a worthy discussion in itself.

These are themes I meditate about in my blogs (or “Quaker journals” as I sometimes call them among Friends). I think we have many flavors of both globalist and nationalist, so these terms in themselves are misleading insofar as they imply two singular points of view. I think of myself as a globalist, but in no way is my thinking a carbon copy of a George Soros or some Rockefeller. I’m no carbon copy of Bucky either, I just think his thinking is underappreciated at our own risk (a Casino Math computation), and developing his reputation as “America’s greatest futurist” (of the 1900s we could say) would be to our benefit. A hurdle has been to persuade more people that his mathematics is not pure BS i.e. that he’s not as vulnerable when it comes to Synergetics as some of his detractors wish or suppose.

Blog posts re Globalism:

* Who are we? Who would you mean by “we”? What groups do you want to identify with?
* What do you want us to be responsible for?
* How do you want us to make decisions?
* What should we strive for?
* What positive examples in history inspire you?
* What is the type of peace that you do and do not value? What is the type of conflict that you do and do not value?
* What are the causes of peace and conflict?
* Specifically, how can we prevent wars from happening? How can we end ongoing