by Glenn Stockton

M4W Memo: Making Math

Kirby Urner


On Mon, Dec 25, 2023 at 6:48 PM Andrius Kulikauskas <> wrote:

Kirby, I think of you as paradigmatic in that regard. You are not leading a study group, although if you had reason, you could. But you are comfortable here, and I am comfortable with you. I glanced at your Math 4 Wisdom notebook on quadrays. I think it is great how you are investigating, as you have over the decades. And I can ask you, What are the questions, or perhaps, What is the question that you are investigating? For you seem to be, if I may guess, investigating the pedagogy of math, how to create a name space, a math world, where high school students feel free to think free, to think for themselves. Kirby, what would you say you are exploring?

Yes Andrius, that’s definitely in the ballpark.

More specifically, I want to make sure we don’t waste the opportunities opened up for us by a maverick thinker who dared to question some well-established dogmas.

Bucky’s detractors want to portray him as “bad at math” or at best as a geometer-architect with “no math to give” and therefore ultimately a failure, with his story therefore a cautionary one i.e. nothing good comes from rocking the boat the way he tried.

On the contrary, I’m saying, his contention that the prevailing orthonormal orthodoxy could be questioned led him…