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Stepping Stone Series

Kirby Urner
8 min readDec 1, 2023


Let’s say you’re fresh out of high school, or college, or you’re just casting about for a new role in society, and you don’t mind looking at screens…

Let’s stop right there. When I first returned to Portland, Oregon, having been a young boy here, then left, I became a trainer, in computer skills, for people aged fifty-five and above.

Yes, bootcamp for seniors — but that’s not how we talked back then (mid 1980s).

I saw how hard it might be for an older gal or guy to focus on a screen all day, up close, with mouse and keyboard. Especially for those with contacts or eyeglasses. Using a computer was physically daunting for one or more reasons. This will be the case for sharp and capable individuals who would be happier with different roles.

I compare screen world to long haul trucking in some ways. The later is far more kinetic, as is flying an airplane, yet truck and flight simulators have proved popular, because of what they do manage to capture. A big audience for simulators also seek, and often get, to experience the real deal.

Replace the cubicle home office with a game pod, and you’re Off to the Races [tm]. The gamer inhabits that liminal space between the athlete and bookworm, acting out imagined and projected fantasies…