Lets remember that Kayne said to the president’s face that his Chicago community is anti Stop & Frisk. Trump had to say he was “wide open” when he’s assuredly not, as he counts on hardliner police as voters.

Kayne’s 13th Amendment critique is hardly the product of his fevered brain. McDonalds, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Verizon and many more, all profit from prison labor i.e. slavery, with black males the most over-represented population. I’ve heard ex Black Panthers offer this same critique. How are people without jobs supposed to compete with essentially free labor?

Trump would have closed the interview in seconds, or not staged it in the first place, had the tone been hostile, but in couching his critique in a supportive, appreciative tone (complete with hat), West gained a full 20 minutes of raw footage we can now use going forward. Hip hop stars rant, that’s what they do. He’s expected to stay spacey.

The “mental dysfunction on display” counter-rant strikes me as patronizing and a way to sidestep the substance of West’s monologue. I’m not in the Trump camp, but have to admit he scored points by listening and then praising Kayne’s performance. The CNN backlash didn’t help the DNC in my view.

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