Lab Leak

Kirby Urner
3 min readMar 13, 2023

Let’s help the journalists remember SARS1 (just called SARS) and other virus outbreaks we still strongly doubt came directly from a lab. Some people think HIV was lab brewed. Most don’t think we had the science, let alone the motivation, to infect the world with AIDS for no good reason (Georgia Tablets?).

So then SARS2 comes along, and kills a lot of us, including lots of people in China. Tucker Carlson is quick to tie the gain of function lab leak thesis to some nefarious plotting on the part of the Communists. John Birchy stuff.

Maybe true. Every party has its share of severely retarded (mentally challenged) people. “The Chinese wanted to hurt the western economy” — what a dumb way to go about doing it, if so, and what a dumb goal in the first place, as it’s all one planetary economy (ecosystem). Most Chinese know that, no?

Much more likely, if we go with a lab leak narrative, is that it was accidental. This wasn’t anthrax mailed from a DC based biolab. This wasn’t some nerve agent from the USSR, used to go after Britons. This was the kind of thing that happens in Andromeda Strain (science fiction by Michael Crichton, 1969) when someone gets sloppy, or some piece of equipment fails.

Hollywood could make this movie easily. A room depressurizes. Sirens go off. Lights flash. Someone gets sick. Then more people get sick…

So then do we say “the Chinese” accidentally released the “China virus”? We could. Many do.