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Per my Martian Math (one of four maths in Silicon Forest Math), the ratio of science to fiction (s/f) is critical, such that: if the science is relatively high, your SF is pretty much indistinguishable from reality.

We’re living in science fiction right now, in other words, in that we each inevitably add a layer of fiction simply in expressing a subculture.

I don’t think I’ve done enough homework on the vaccine issues to want to weigh in on that. Contrary to a strong undercurrent in schooling, I do not believe it’s necessary to have an opinion on all topics, much less a vociferous one. On the other hand, I do engage in polemics where I feel I’ve secured a strong position, such as in laying siege to the philosophy department for failing to pass the torch regarding what we logicians call the concentric hierarchy (a right brained logic, one might poetically name it).

Regarding working horizontally, I’d say that fits in well with the Quaker model. Lots of volunteerism and rotation both. Imagine a UBI that lets you go to work with survival needs cared for and now we’re both free to act our roles, you the CEO, me the janitor. We both do the job a lot better, because we work voluntarily, for the power and the glory (for the resume credentials).

The human animal has a built in need to develop and showcase competence at useful tasks. Kids look up to adults doing something important. If I were designing a species, I’d probably build that in too.

Another horizontal project I’m working on, under the heading of citizen diplomacy: I don’t see the need for truck drivers vanishing any time soon, despite the scare-hype about autonomous everything (science fiction with a lot less science than one might guess in some cases — I always think of Sophia, much like The Turk in Napoleon’s day). Starting as a program between Chinese and African truck companies, drivers enroll in the exchange for advanced training and academic credit. You’ll get the equivalent of PhDs out the other end.

Picture yourself at a truck stop ten years from now. The food court fits the dietary needs of many cultures, a genre introduced in World’s Fairs and taken for granted in shopping malls. You hear many languages. The drivers are like pilots and may not accompany the same load to terminus, given charging time, time in classes, admin duties… you may take a year to get from New York to Chicago, yet you’re driving hundreds of miles a day. Depends on the algorithm. When you jump in the cab of a next rig, you download everything from the cloud and resume your Russian language training, heading out for Pittsburgh. You grew up in Argentina and have had tours of duty all over the world by now.

Truck drivers as the new citizen diplomat ambassadors? What about the usual network of international embassies? What about it? They could help, if planning to stay relevant.

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