Journalists and their editors are free to scrounge while not revealing sources. If the stories turn out to be fake, we have a byline to trust less in future.

Formally retract and apologize before we trust you again? Admit mistakes?

If the story has no author willing to back it up, the story is suspect. I tend to ignore “news” stories sourced to a website or company only.

Russian journalists face all the same problems. People are always meddling in Russians’ business.

Let’s remind journalists they have reputations. Let’s not require them to figure out which person they talk to might secretly connect to some foreign lobby group, think tank, or intelligence agency. That’s not information for which they should be held liable, unless they include it and get it wrong.

All these practices were in place decades ago. Journalism school is supposed to cover these basics.

Bottom line: we have no automatic right to be protected from fake news. I don’t want a nanny robot algorithm or sanitation service tsk tsking every time I get tips from someone named Vlad, Igal or Ivanka. I will report no source to any authority for merely exercising their free speech rights.

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