I’ve got a bunch of writing’s on Fuller’s stuff, Synergetics especially, here on Medium. Since the two volumes first came out, then inter-wove on the Web thanks to Bob Gray (along with Synergetics Dictionary, more recently), we’ve had some decades to capitalize on his research, and much has gone on (a lot more than I know, I’m sure). Quite a few toys came out (e.g. Tensegritoy) including magnetic ones. Design Science Toys (no longer in business) was a hub. We also used ray tracers (e.g. POV-Ray), VRML and other tools. Adrian Rossiter’s Antiprism is representative. Also I recommend Ed Pokpo’s Divided Spheres a primer with more info on synergetics. I’m not suggesting Bucky was the only influence on these many projects (e.g. Kenneth Snelson fed the “elastic interval geometry” of Gerald de Jong and company), only that Synergetics (the philosophy) continues to bear fruit, a cahoots with other disciplines.

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