Cubocta: 20; RDs: 6

Me to CJ (SNEC etc.), on Facebook:

Yes, I appreciate your weaving the Bucky stuff with other thinkers. I’ve been doing that too, focusing to start with on some of his close collaborators. Kiyoshi branches out to the whole civil rights movement, while Applewhite connects me to the world of crystallographers (Ed had a lot of respect for Bernal). Then comes the Wittgenstein bit, and meaning as use, not as pointing to “stuff out there”.

I think I’ve done a great job, along with Koski, getting the concentric hierarchy put back on its pedestal, as a core piece of statuary, a didactic device at the very core of Synergetics. Any high school curriculum not communicating said static volume relationships, and the unit tet that kicks it off, is not up to Quaker School standards in my writings, having forsaken the great tradition of inquiry and action known as American Transcendentalism.

Not that I have any official authority to define Quaker School, as a brand. I do have many years documenting my work under the Oregon Curriculum Network moniker. Given that, and my webmastering for BFI and Snelson both, I’m pretty sure the shadow I’m casting is going to be pretty long. Torch passed. Business complete. I can take a vacation with the rest of my life, feeling I got it done. That’s satisfying. And besides, my idea of a vacation is continuing to be a scholar (or “comprehensivist” by some accounts).