In Andrew Hacker’s Math Myth, he divides our curriculum into STEM versus PATH. We all know what STEM means, if US based (it’s not Euro-jargon, nor even Anglo) but PATH? I go with Philosophy, Anthropology, Theater, History and consider teaching (I used to be a high school teacher, fresh out of Princeton) under Theater. Not that we ever pry these apart. STEM is like ingredients in a cake: inseparable once baked, likewise PATH. It’s a cliche to put A in STEM to make it STEAM, at which point it intersects PATH like in Scrabble (a crossword puzzle). However most pundits say A = Art whereas I go with A = Anthropology, which I’d say subsumes Art. A lot of my focus has been on STEM even though my focus at Princeton was Philosophy. As a teacher (of adults these days, sometimes kids), I’m still in Theater (show biz).

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