If I were to ref this knockout bout twixt the former intern and a politician, I’d say TR has done some serious damage. Did Biden actually do what Trump only claimed he did, hoping to impress his Hollywood bus mates? Lets just say I don’t go along with the prurient “right to know” philosophy of many Americans.

I’d say: you’ve no right to pry further, mind your own business.

They’d say: but they’re public officials.

I’d say: says you, I say the so-called “public sector” is fully privatized by now, or as some say “made corporate” — so back off already.

As Joe put it so eloquently “vote for someone else” if you have a problem with him (I take that to be his platform, would be mine too). I liked that movie Network by the way, wherein that CEO guy lectures about the way of things, to that wayward “mad as hell” news anchor.
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