I’d say the UK and US inherit an imperial mindset from Rome, but then imperialism runs deep in human history. Rome did not invent the idea of empire.

However in the case of these Anglo cultures, the influence of Rome is still strong, just look at the architecture, and the law books. The Philippines, in contrast, might be counted as another Anglo culture, less imperialistic, and indeed business English in Asia still seems a strong “Esperanto” when abetted with emoji and international insignia. I don’t expect English, as a language, to fade away anytime soon.

Mark Twain and many others of the Anti-imperialist League, saw the lure of world colonialism (imperialism), starting with Cuba and the Philippines, as the beginning of the end for the original ideals behind America, which in large degree reflected a wish to end imperialism, monarchism, strong central governments in general (tyrannies).

But it didn’t take long for the Manifest Destiny mindset, as always leaning on Christianity for moral support, to undermine that original United States and its values, much as a democratic Rome was undermined. History repeats. It’s a cliche to say so.

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