I’d say the individual Facebook user, and Tweeter, is the publisher, and publishers should be held accountable. Publishers that hide behind the mask of anonymity have a strike against them, but may compensate with cross-checkable information. They may respond and self correct and acknowledge errors. I’ve misinterpreted what was happening and acknowledged my mistake, but without promising not to make more mistakes in future, as I know I can’t promise that. Those who simply spew fake stuff gradually sideline themselves, as readers check and decide. That’s the theory. I’m not saying it works in practice as the experiment is still in progress. Facebook cannot save individuals and their reputations. Individuals, on the other hand, now more than ever, need to check multiple sources and take themselves seriously in that regard. If you pass along a well-meaning warning that is itself a hoax, that’s another strike against you, as you could have checked. I’ll keep that in mind as we go forward. I don’t like “share if you agree” posts either and tend to drop such posters lower in my totem pole. Shouldn’t we ask more of schools then? When does the individual account holder realize that it’s not all up the Mark Zuckerberg to make the world a better place.

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