I would tend to agree that inherited political science terminology does not always map successfully to contemporary patterns, which both futurists and the popular press have been heralding as “unprecedented” in many dimensions. So-called “globalization” (characterized by emergent supranational organizations and internet telecommunications) describes an emerging reality even as “nationalism” (a world religion) struggles to assert sovereignty in ways consistent with each recognized non-virtual nation having a capital city (e.g. District of Columbia) and a jurisdiction (e.g. European Union).

Migration, not a new phenomenon, abetted by new technology, and often stirred up by violent conflicts, may be cast as a criminal activity, as borders are meant to pen people in. On the other hand, seeing Earth as a unified ecosystem, a university campus, inspires more of a “student in a Global U” mindset.

What’s strengthening or weakening, as measured by the level of student suffering (more suffering = weakening), is the curriculum, what’s passed on from generation to generation. In questioning the applicability of an older political science vocabulary, I see signs of a curriculum growing stronger and more up to the challenge of administering our Global U.

I’m not talking about “one world government” as I think our understanding of cybernetics, dynamical systems, self organization, has kept alive the kind of “invisible hand” (autopilot) concepts so favored by some schools of economist, although it’s easy to see conspiracies at work as well, especially when the latter are working in alignment with “cosmic” trends.

Conspiracies are nothing new and although the term “conspiracy” (like “propaganda”) has a negative spin, “to conspire” is likewise “to collaborate” i.e. “to work together” and that sounds like it might be OK. The design science revolution centered around making technology free and open has the flavor of a conspiracy (complete with its tongue in cheek “world domination” meme) without seeming too threatening, as businesses large and small have found prosperity through their freedoms to exploit these new tools.

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