I thought that New York Times series Infektion was pretty shallow propaganda, using lots of tired visual techniques. Talk about manipulative.

I just watched the first 17 seconds of Episode 3 again, to remind myself of what “worldly” is supposed to mean, in the eyes of the NYT. Unimpressive. I’m immune to British accents I guess.

No one seems concerned with how British intelligence manipulates US public opinion, because of that “special relationship”? We had the dossier based in forgery regarding Nigerian yellow cake, and then the Steele dossier (“pee tape”). Funny how “yellow” (as in “cowardly”) figures in both of them.

I find many Brits are poisonously anti-Russian whereas people in the US are taught to look up to Brits for more worldly views. I’m recalling how GWB cited “British intelligence” in his SOTU, the infamous “16 words”.

I like the late H.G. Wells at least, the paradigm English intellectual. I’m reading his1922 Washington and Riddle of Peace (Project Gutenberg) on my Kindle. Now there’s some real intelligence, for a change. Too bad no one listened.

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