I’m about your age but I tend to read technical stuff / non-fiction a lot more than human interest or political / editorial. On the other hand I’m an avid blogger and tackle many genres, including movie reviews.

As an avid reader of MAD as a kid, as you were, I’ve found a bonanza of demented cartoons and opinion on Youtube. The cornucopia of cultural offerings is stupendous even if Nixon’s head in a jar is not among them.

If you’re looking for humor, why not take your head from the printed word and cast your gaze upon the professional humorists? True, not all of them are all that funny. I’ve only grown in my appreciation for clowning, as I continue to ripen with age.

The pace of video, the fast clip, the over-in-three-minutes format, along with punchy copy editing, has taken its toll in the fluently languid writing department I’d hazard, seconding your thesis about a latter day dumbing-down in some dimensions. But not without a corresponding leap ahead in other media, would be my comeback.

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