I agree that self reliance, a sense of providing for oneself and one’s family and community, are integral values that drive voters into various campaigns. We need to revisit what “jobs” are though. Expecting some outside provider to come in with a factory is perhaps a setup for disappointment, whereas in Detroit it’s about “urban farming” and regaining control of the supply chain, reinventing the free market almost from scratch. What is the work that really needs doing? Clearly it’s about providing real life support, actual goods and services. Perhaps for working class folks of any genetic makeup to really succeed in this century, they need to take a page from the hippies of the 1970s and think: “back to the land”. I’m not talking about FEMA trailers or living in squalor. I’m talking about Dignity capital D. Look at what Cuba accomplished during its Special Period. Farmers became heroes again and a premium was placed on Do It Yourself inventiveness.

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