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Steering Committee Memo

Kirby Urner


From: kirby urner <>
Date: Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: [math4wisdom] Math 4 Wisdom Steering Committee

What: global villages
Whether: we might make them
Why: to showcase options
How: as movies with not-fake props
Where/When: steering committee meeting

I was happy to join the Steering Committee. I was thinking in terms of cybernetics (cyber = rudder = to steer) and TrimTab (rudder that steers a larger rudder).

We talked about non-profits. The other half of my partnership, Dawn Wicca and Associates (I was an associate) was a nonprofit fund accountant i.e. non-profits keep their books differently than for-profits and my wife was an expert.

I have tangential knowledge of these matters, from working in the same office, sometimes for the same clients.

My wife to be, and I met at a Portland-based nonprofit that provided tech support (including training in computer desktop publishing and the then very new Apple LaserWriter driven by PageMaker): Center for Urban Education (CUE).

CUE, an NGO, also worked in refugee settlement in the wake of the American War in Indochina, with funding from the USG. More in my journals.

My Project Renaissance model was based on public-private partnerships.[1] I’ve heard that concept demonized a lot more lately as NGOs (nonprofits) have become less trusted agents in some contexts.

One way I’ve imagined funding: instead of donating money, a company funds a team with a technology that gets integrated into one or more episodes, giving the company:

(a) testing opportunities with feedback from peers and

(b) advertising possibilities if their technology performs well

One of my conceptual eco-villages (Earthala) features electric ATVs for example. Who supplies them and for how long?

Different suppliers compete, and the shows (e.g. on YouTube) take up the pros and cons. ATV = all terrain vehicle, like a dune buggy.