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Stark Street Meetinghouse, by Lew Scholl, for Google Earth

Friendly Musings on National Politics

The sugar coating wears off, as the teachings grow weather-worn.

In the rear view mirror, we see that most Friends were not that far out ahead of their countrymen, in terms of advocating to free the slaves.

How is one to measure progress, from a public policy standpoint, if race gets overlooked?

Clearly the concept of “racial group” is starting to follow national borders, which may be confusing.

Is the form inquiring after ancestral heritage or nation of origin or what?

The bureaucrats are not required to have any consistent ideology or scientific model with regard to “race”, as none may exist.

For all the rhetoric and protest withdrawals from various accords, Congress has not authorized any kind of war against the state of Iran.

Tulsi was a new thorn in the side of specific war planners, not necessarily the most talented, or most likely to win their wars anyway.

Not every war plan is worth following, is the obvious understatement.

Those who repeat the platitude that the Vice Presidency was mostly ceremonial until the Dick Cheney held that office, are ignoring most recent history.

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