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  • Christina Xu

    Christina Xu

    Freelance ethnographer/writer thinking about online and offline communities, translation, and social uses of technology.

  • Howard Rheingold

    Howard Rheingold

    Independent thinker, online instigator, novice educator, expert learner, offline gardener.

  • David Graeber

    David Graeber

    I'm an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such. I see anarchism as something you do not an identity so don't call me the anarchist anthropologist

  • Tim Berners-Lee

    Tim Berners-Lee

    Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) w3.org, the place to agree on web standards. Founded webfoundation.org - let the web serve humanity

  • The Long Now Foundation

    The Long Now Foundation

    Fostering long-term thinking through projects like the 10,000 year clock; Rosetta Disk; Revive & Restore; Seminars, videos, podcast . longnow.org

  • Mozilla


    We're a global community dedicated to making the web better and more open for all. Join us to imagine, build & teach the web's future.

  • The Arthur C. Clarke Award

    The Arthur C. Clarke Award

    Stories, interviews and news from the Arthur C. Clarke Award science fiction book of the year. clarkeaward.com

  • Glenn Greenwald

    Glenn Greenwald

    Journalist with @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - dog/animal fanatic - email/PGP public key (https://theintercept.com/staff/glenn-greenwald/)

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