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As we’ve been discussing in a Tulsi Gabbard group on Facebook, we have multiple narratives vying for attention, such as Russiagate in its various versions. I’ve jumped in with my own videos on Guccifer 2.

As a geek, computer spy stories interest me. I teach cryptography on my web pages.

Thanks to Google, one of the quiz questions I posed was answered easily: what Medal of Freedom winner declared “The U.S.A. we have known is bankrupt and extinct”?

Nancy got it right away.

“The Grunch of Giants “ Gross Universe Cash Heist by Buckminster Fuller. I had to look it up

I replied:

Congratulations on finding that Grunch of Giants quote. I find it significant he received his Medal of Freedom after its publication. My Youtube channel and websites go into his most comprehensible curriculum innovations, accessible to middle and high schoolers, which no “public school” currently shares (or textbook either). That’s my argument he was right about the U.S.A. being out of commission, otherwise we wouldn’t be suppressing the mathematical content of one of our former nation’s leading futurists. What we call “public” has been thoroughly privatized.

As I clarify on my Youtube channel, the demise of this particular programming language, its fading away over time, need not be treated as apocalyptic.

Fuller, a well known futurist, had foreseen the convergence that the internet, jet travel, global trade, had catalyzed. Nations had their golden age in an earlier chapter. We salute them.

The “comprehensible curriculum innovations” I’m talking about above are well documented in my earlier Medium stories. Take a look!

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