Concerns about the erosion of democracy and civil liberties were widely expressed when the draft as enforced, before the services became more privatized and mercenary.

Smedley Butler, a decorated military hero, warned Congress of the fascist plot to unseat FDR. Who’s to say the so-called Business Plot hadn’t succeeded by the Reagan Era? That’s a defensible narrative I’ve seen in print. Medal of Freedom winner RBF proclaimed the USA we have known “bankrupt and extinct” in the 1980s.

The core critique, post WW2 was from Thom Hartmann, Ralph Nader, Bucky Fuller, who raised the issue of “corporate personhood” as a human rights challenge.

With CIA support, corporate America had tasted a flavor of world domination overseas it would now come home and transplant, applying lessons learned. With corporations as giant humans (in the eyes of the law) and with SCOTUS opening the floodgates to dark money in politics, the ideology of Inhumanism (as I call it) got a grip.

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