From Great to Grateful

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Kirby Urner
2 min readOct 25, 2022


Comment: One could call the explosives used on Russo-German infrastructure “dirty bombs” in the sense of “dirty wars” i.e. operations outside the legal framework of nation-states. I think we have to agree the NordStream sabotage cannot have been conducted by a state actor by definition. States play by the rules states play by. Insofar as states encourage terrorism, they’re not really states. By the same reasoning, Nine-Eleven could not have been an “inside job” as there’s no such “inside” i.e. state actors are legal to the core; they have to be as they only exist on paper at the end of the day, as legal entities.

Comment: States cannot engage in illegal terrorism by construction, by tautology. When covert operators hide behind a state and carry out clandestine acts, they’re undermining state legitimacy, which is why their operations must be disavowed by the state and, if brought to light, investigated. Remember how the Reagan DOJ prosecuted the Iran-Contra perps who were funding the Contras behind the backs of the US Congress. Minus any effort by a state to distance itself from lawless action, the state dissolves in its own juices.

Comment: I say the USA could not have done it by definition. The USA cannot violate international law to that level, as a state. That doesn’t mean imposter pretender types can’t hide behind the flag. Remember Ollie North and Iran-Contra. The Reagan DOJ helped the USA stay credible, by prosecuting these lower downs. Minus that kind of justice system follow up this time, we’re left with the conclusion the USA is no longer a serious actor on the world stage. Mercenaries and private corporate interests are all we have now. RIP Uncle Sam.

Comment: I believe the US has officially disavowed the operation even if saying nice things about the opportunity it raises. Therefore the DOJ / FBI should have a free hand to offer immunity to anyone with relevant knowledge. Remember Iran-Contra: lower down perps betrayed their country by working behind our backs. Lets prove the US still exists as a country, by fighting back. Otherwise it’s time to throw in the towel and agree that covert operators have stolen our history, shades of 911.