Moscow Expo: Khrushchev Meets Nixon

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Setting: an apparent act of terrorism had just taken place in the Baltic Sea, possibly undertaken by rogue elements masquerading as state actors. An international police investigation begins…

Talking to myself here:

“For example, some clique of people, a tiny cabal, apparently came to the conclusion that they should take action to destroy the Nordstream pipelines. Clearly, a goodly number judge their sense of judgement to have been severely in error, a poor decision, leading to a reckless and ridiculous act. Likely those in the clique feel they had a comprehensive viewpoint and a clear picture of world affairs.”

Good to see Russia and the US on the same page for a change. Although both accuse the other of the crime, they agree this was a heinous and cowardly act of terrorism. The worry has to be over rogue elements masquerading as state actors. Remember Ollie North and John Poindexter carrying out operations behind the backs of Congress and the American people? The US needs to be sure no such clandestine cabal has hoodwinked US personnel into thinking they were secretly doing the president’s bidding. On the contrary, any true patriot should come forward and expose the ruse, if they have any relevant information.

I encourage comprehensivists in training to research the Fuller Projection and brainstorm the role a nationless map might play (you can still have the distorted ones, help yourself) in average (not especially “elite”) public school classrooms, as more American heritage you / we have every right to be proud of. You’ll have a lot of leverage if you bone up on Bucky’s “design science revolution” — a tradition of inquiry and action CJ is somewhat aware of (we partially overlap in that regard).



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