Chatting About My Echo Chamber

Me: I wonder why you speak with such certainty about Air America Radio’s being doomed from the start, when so many of its on-air stars went on to earn top ratings, Rachael Maddow in particular. One would think with such a stellar team the company had a chance. Aren’t you just applying the 20–20 vision of hindsight?

Other: Actually, I thought that AA would fail from the start. I couldn’t imagine anyone tuning in day after day.

I’m a bit mystified by Maddow’s success. Her “getting sent to camp” rant in 2017 was clearly irrational. I cannot imagine why any rational adult would ever take someone like that seriously. Did you see that? Can you explain her behavior? [video link below]

Her success is a testimony to the irrationality of large swaths of America. If Rachel wants to go to camp, she’ll have to pay her own tuition. She will also have to buy her own craft supplies. 😁

Me: I’ve sampled Alex Jones of course but wouldn’t call myself a loyal fan by any means. I’ve probably listened to Limbaugh about four or five times in these last few decades.

I couldn’t possibly be an Alex Jones fan, as I consider myself a “globalist” and he’s always railing against globalists right? The spin I put on that word has little if anything to do with George Soros, the guy people like to demonize.

I don’t think “globalist” and “rich oligarch” are synonymous in any way, nor need a globalist be a World Federalist or someone who believes in “one world government”. Globalism need have nothing to do with “how the world should be tomorrow”. It’s already the way it is. Game over already. But then tomorrow is another day. Time is funny that way.

I don’t believe in “time travel” in the sense of the past still being present, and accessible by some hand-wavy inter-dimensional means. There’s no tape or archive of “the now” even though “the now” includes tapes and archives. The universe is efficient about letting go of the past. Nor does the future “already exist”. It’s all happening in this instant, from one time slice to the next. Atoms are regenerative, from moment to moment, so the mountains stay solid. The body grows and dies (both at the same time).

I do believe in “one world” in the sense of we only have the one planet. Then come the many cultural overlays, of language programming (what humans need to organize their internal affairs — which is where the media come in, including print media of course, to spread whatever programming). A lot of language programming is religious in nature, welling up from some collective unconscious in many cases, though consciously shaped by the screenwriter scribes.

Lots online.

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