Bucky’s Enlightenment Using AI

Kirby Urner
3 min readJun 3, 2024

I’ve been looking into how AI might conjure that signature 1927 moment we include in the narratives wherein Bucky goes from “I’m a failure” to “I’m not that guy” (the one failing). Talk of “egocide” enters in, via secondary literature embeddings.

He starts over with this “new me” who is actually the “older me” i.e. he’d felt this Theory of Spheres upwelling within all along but had learned to tamp down such “childish fantasies” in favor of being a realistically business-minded son-in-law i.e. “getting down to Earth” so to speak, with those Stockade company buildings.

His big move afterwards was to take over Shelter Magazine in 1930 and learn the ropes in media, as that’s where all the leverage is. He’d move on to Fortune later and then into book publishing, where the inventions would achieve their radical context as strategic, within a revolution (the design science revolution).

He’d subsequently fight against communism (the ideology) with DSR memes, but never the Russian or Chinese peoples (always part of our success story), which is why the post-USSR has remained receptive to Synergetics, despite the confusion around Haken’s Synergetics shifting focus away from the 4D concentric hierarchy and BEAST modules. Ever since Wikipedia introduced the disambiguation