Bucky: A Fuller Future (movie review)

Kirby Urner
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Dec 27, 2021, 8:51 AM to Trimtab Book Club

Thanks for your comments Maurice. I also managed to navigate the web page and apply the discount (buttons up top) and rent it for zero dollars, thanks to Curt providing the code.

In terms of film making, it itself is a study in “more with less”, achieving the look and feel of a high gloss promo for cheap, in part because the on camera talent is happy to share sincerely for free. They’re not paid actors. This is not a re-enactment, and it’s a peek for the audience into what appears to be a large archive of fun and illuminating material. In other words, it’s not just about one man who isn’t you (some Jesus or whatever). You too might have a role to play here. A recruiting film, one designed to raise an army, by showing there’s an army already (a morale booster in that sense, with leaders who aren’t all children — oldster friendly).

That cartoon style (not Wiley E. Coyote, the more South Parky paper cutout looking stuff) carried over into promos for BFI’s annual “most dymaxion project” award, I thought effectively. That was a whole chapter in BFI’s history, and this film should be viewed as something customized (at the end) to promote the campaigns of the day.

I’m thinking Bucky2 (nick of time) may be the next re-cut / update / iteration, maybe with fewer typos? I expect a lot of the same scenes, mixed with new material. The What the Bleeps were somewhat like that too.

from the splash page

Now that I’ve learned from Curt the movie we just saw evolved from one about the car, I’m thinking Noel’s process is to evolve a “best takes” with an evolving script under his control that’s amorphous enough to reshape to the next audience.

I consider it a commercial campaign in that respect (not really a bio), but one that leaves the work of backing it up to off camera, to workshops and classes, whereby the throngs might cut down on the sauce and maybe play World Game a little more effectively? As someone who launches campaigns myself, I can’t say my approach is all that different. I overlap the cast shown (but my guy Applewhite didn’t make it), especially J. Baldwin, who looks in this movie much as he did in the short one I made:

I laughed at how Bucky said he knew Al Capone (“Al Ka-pony”) — I’ve always heard “Ka pone”. That was in this movie right? It all stirs together in the memory tank (or “palace”).

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