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Asylum District, Portland

As I explain to my Youtube audience sometimes: professor Walter Kaufmann was my Princeton philosophy professor (one of them), and he tried to instill in us a sense that “it could happen again” where “it” might be loosely described as our loss of humanity.

He witnessed the Third Reich coming to power, and although native German, he resolved to fight it from the outside.

Kaufmann later become a famous translator of Nietzsche. He wanted us to know that Frederich was highly suspicious of the antisemitism he saw growing around him, especially of a form encouraged by Wagner.

He said some critical things about Judaism and Jews, true, but he was also highly critical of Christians and Germans. He had criticisms for everybody. He was a philosopher of much passion.

If you study the timeline, you’ll find he was going insane with grief for humanity (my spin) around the same time Hitler was born.

According to Adam Curtis (documentary film maker) and many others, Freud despaired for humanity as well, having escaped the Nazis by the skin of his teeth.

But lets remember the enmity of World War 1, and H.G. Wells, milling about at that 1922 peace conference, filing newspaper reports, and hoping and against hope that people would not be so stupid as to head into war again.

He correctly identified vindictiveness towards Germans and Germany as the fueling the rise of what would eventually become the Third Reich. Russia was also maltreated.

I run through this history as we see camps springing up around America, run covertly for the most part i.e. journalists and even members of Congress are unwelcome.

Rather than whine and complain, I dove into city planning and movie making as the twin skills needed to pull out of this nose dive.

By “city planning” I mean like back of the envelope drawings, and by “movie making” I mean Youtube. But might my efforts snowball?

After years of reading about the “design science revolution”, I’m thinking I might recruit a few stalwarts.

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