As a Python instructor, I tend to recommend a polyglot approach: learn a minimum of two languages, starting with one “back burner”.

I can see Python continuing to score very high on the charts as a default “language we all have in common” (remembering its reputation as “executable pseudo-code”), kind of like how “business English” helps unify world trade.

Those deeply into Go might remain a minority (a majority at Google) but that has little to do with which language is “best” in some “Go versus Python” contest. We already have at least one Python interpreter implemented in the Go language (gpython).

I’m studying Rust these days (another possible implementation language for Python). I also appreciate J, a successor to APL.

This whole idea of computer languages vying to be “king of the hill” is a little misleading if we forget that a lot of us know more than one language. JavaScript is looking a lot more like Python having acquired the “class” keyword in ES6. I tell my students “now that you’ve learned Python, learning JavaScript is going to be a lot easier” (ditto Java).

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