As a debate tactic, it's somewhat weak to call out your opponents for being adversarial. Tellings us News Front is a front for Russian views is not in itself much of an argument. Are we expecting so-called Western sources to keep up the counter narrative?

Having first learned of "this interview with Alexander Brass" from this very Medium story, I found it interesting, and wanted to append it to my Facebook timeline, on a thread where I'm looking into the whole ongoing argument, linking Skripals and Navalny poisonings to OPCW skirmishes and so on -- that's what's going on in late 2020.

But no dice, a link to that News Focus article is against Facebook's community guidelines.

I'm thinking the Russian team gets points, in that Facebook's censorship looks increasingly like the old Soviet practice of thought policing. In censoring my link to the Russian side of the debate, the so-called western side appears to increasingly be resorting to weak responses.

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